Volunteer Your Pony

Most of the ponies used by the Group are loaned to us by their owners. If you have a pony which may be suitable for RDA use, please contact us.

We are always keen to recruit new ponies.


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Born 1997, 14hh chestnut New Forest pony belonging to Emily Escott has been on loan to the group for some years now. She lives with Heineken and Polly.

Rose has a bit of a split personality; she is sweet and reliable to ride, very rarely putting a foot wrong and has won heaps of rosettes for our riders but she can be a little mareish and does not like other ponies very much (especially Polly!)

UNLESS they are tall dark and handsome and totally out of her league!

TobyToblerone or Toby

Born 1998, 14hh grey New Forest pony is on loan to the group from Margaret Fogg’s daughter Hannah. In a previous life Toby shared a field with Barty, but he is altogether more civilised in the manners department. Before he came to us Toby had a go at most things with Hannah and was particularly successful showing. He is mostly a very cool dude who manages to look smooth working just as hard as he needs to.

Always immaculately turned out, Toby has been particularly successful for our riders in regional and national competitions.


Born 1992, 11.2hh dun Welsh pony comes with her owner Jules Sowerby (and Bacardi) most Wednesdays for the early part of the afternoon.

Cinders was destined for the meat market when her previous owner took her on. She really is an absolute angel and (according to Barty) the prettiest pony on the planet.

Outside of RDA, Cinders and her young rider Martha take part in lots of pony club activities and we are told she is particularly good at games.


Born 2002, 13hh Haflinger mare belongs to one of Lesley’s clients. She is an excellent weight carrier and has a particularly fast walk combined with a slow trot which makes her popular with leaders. Despite the fact that she has fairly limited experience Polly, has taken really well to RDA work and we are very grateful to Lesley for bringing her and her owner for loaning her.



Sonata (Springwater Sonata)

Born estimated 1998, 12hh dark bay, pure bred Dartmoor mare belongs to Jill Phillips. Sonata has myriads of RDA type experience having spent some years with Chailey Heritage. Prior to this she was a professional mum; she has produced at least 6 foals and has been extremely successful in the show ring. Her foals have then been successful in their own right; one is the current French Junior Showjumping Champion – no less.

These days her main job is ‘auntying’ small human children; something we can testify she is extremely good at. She now lives with Celia Gosling is ‘got ready ‘ for us by Miranda Dart and transported by Margaret Fogg.


Born 1991, 13.3hh grey Highland pony has been owned by the group since 1999. He is our most experienced RDA pony and as such comes into his own working with our more nervous and wobbly riders. Off lead he is safe and reliable but not always easy; Heineken has strong opinions on how he should be ridden.

Heineken has been with Hope in the Valley for many years but was recently diagnosed with cataracts. He find the changing light in the indoor school disorientating so we have taken the difficult decision to retire him and he is enjoying life in the field, looking after one of Lesley’s horses.