Spring into Summer 2022

Thanks to the fantastic flexibility of all of the group’s volunteers we ran every session planned in our spring term which ended on 30th March. This was our most challenging term because of Covid, either directly affecting volunteers or their family members having the virus and so prudence dictated that they stayed away

The team work has been wonderful and most importantly this has allowed our riders to make great progress and continue to build their confidence, balance and riding skills. Most of our younger riders are enjoying trotting and some are now learning to use the reins whilst others are building core strength and so are able to ride for longer.

The ponies have now all been acclimatised to the hydraulic lift platform as has the wonderful Plumpton College horse Bruno who has really settled in to the Wednesday afternoon vibe.

The platform is enabling the coaches to mount all of the riders much more easily because the height of the platform can be finessed for each pony and rider combination.

We have been busy with visitors including hosting a coach assessment for another RDA group, a visit from the regional chair as well as a session with the regional physio to help with one of our riders. We have been fortunate to have a couple of the college’s equine students who have volunteered and who are a really helpful addition to the Wednesday afternoon team.

In March seven of our volunteers brushed up on their first aid training whilst the unstoppable Jane Walsh brushed up on her cake making recipes much to the joy of the volunteers!

We are looking forward to the start of summer term riding on 27th April. Full date details are on the Dates section of the website.