It’s what we do that counts

We have been unable to undertake any riding activities during the pandemic. The majority of our regular riders require a high degree of hands-on help and our volunteers have needed to look after themselves and their own families too.

The trustees have been keeping up to date with the activity of the ponies, who are kindly loaned to the group for the riding sessions, and keeping in touch with all our invaluable volunteers via email and the group’s Facebook page.

The modern world has been embraced with several trustee meetings held virtually. This emboldened the trustees to hold the group Annual General Meeting over Zoom in early December.

With some careful preparation, including a practice session for those unfamiliar with virtual meetings, the AGM was attended by 19 members. The required business, the presentation of the “Over and Above” to Jane Walsh for her many years of dedicated volunteering, and all votes were conducted successfully. Although lacking tea and cake everyone enjoyed the get together.

The trustees will now be able to focus on preparation for a return to riding when that is on the horizon-hopefully before the summer.

The group has been incredibly grateful for the extra and continuing financial support by many of our regular doners. Even though not riding the group’s outgoings continue, particularly due to the upkeep of ponies permanently on loan to Hope in the Valley.